The R.U.W.Åx3 x FLiDAY Art Galleria

Welcome to the new home of the official online R.U.W.Ax3 Art Gallery, An online location where you can view,share,submit and even buy Art. Majority of the Art work you will find in this Art gallery was constructed and created by a street artist known as Gu$to as well as other Affiliated Artist. The meaning of R.U.W.AAA (R U With Art And Africa) is to provide worldwide Art fans with new views of art as well as provide back to the original mother land of man, Africa.

RUWAx3 gives back to Africa in several ways one being with a direct connected charity funded with any donations and proceeds collected from Art Sales and hosted events. The second being Art Supplies and soon to be used bikes collected from the U.S.A provided to different Children of Africa consisting of Lagos,Nigeria,Kenya, and Rwanda. We would like to thank all those who provide a helping hand and any type of donation to The R.U.W.Ax3 Art Gallery as well as Africa and its Children.

Gu$to’s Profile^//

Name: Augustus.A

Age: 24

Hometown: Ohio

Favorite type of art: Drawing/Sketching

Facebook – N/A

Motto: ”Imagination over Reality!”

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Heres a Quick look at some of the Collective Art’s and pieces of the R.U.W.AAA Art Galleria that  will be online and set up very soon.

Stay tune for updates.

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If you are an Artist that would like to have to your work displayed online or sold online please contact us, we would love to help you out and pursue your dreams.