Often times we stumble upon different questions about FLiDAY from comments, emails, and even online chatrooms. On this page you will find a small list of frequently asked Questions regarding FLiDAY and ProjectFLiDAY.com

Q: Where did the FLiDAYshop go?

 A. We decided to disable the FLiDAYshop feature from the blog and HQ site for 4 months to work on expanding the company and building public relations.              The FLiDAYshop will be due to arrive back online around April.


Q: What is FLiDAY?

A: Well, simply put FLiDAY (Freshly Living in Dreams all year) is a small company that goals at providing online readers and followers with the latest info on Style.Art.Music.& A fresh aspect of life.

FLiDAY’s main objective is to continue daily growth. part of being FLiDAY is living in your dreams, here we FLiDAY we want to help upcoming Artist of both Music Art and Creative Art get their talents out and exposed. Reach out to us from our contact page if you have any questions, would like to advertise, get your music heard or even get your art work displayed.


Q:  Where is FLiDAY

A: Currently FLiDAY is located and based in Ohio.


Q: Are the giveaway’s legit?

A: Yes, any giveaway contest that we host is 100 percent Legit. On the other hand sometimes we do share post to our readers about current giveaways from other brands and companies we cant not fully 100% co- sign such post, but we try out hardest to only post from legit sources such as Nike, HypeBeast , TimberLand, etc.


Q: Doing Any Hiring?

   A. It can be unusual times when ProjectFLiDAY.com / FLiDAY are hiring the best answer for that is to just keep checking the homepage seasonally. We have a Hiring Page that stays hidden until we are doing any type of Hiring so any time you see that Page the opportunity is available

                           Thank you for your Questions,

Stay Fresh Mind + Body.