About FLiDAY

FLiDAY (Freshly living in dreams all year) has been released to the public eye for several reasons, which are to uplift and inspire individuals and their minds, provide up to date fashion/style for readers, help spread the love and well-being of Art, and to offer Top of the line name brand fashion products at small shop discounts!

FLiDAY originally started doing business known as Ax3 in 2007, after two years of operation and selling products online for discount prices. Ax3 departed back to Dreamtopia Land for one year and was reborn as FLiDAY.

It is our goal not only as a company but also as a way of life to provide our followers with Fashion.Art.Music.  current updates. As well as to spread the power to chase dreams, create dreams, live your dreams, and view the Talents,Arts,Dreams and Music of others all while staying fresh both mind and body.

FLiDAY is growing,evolving and upgrading daily. Our small staff is compacted with hard workers who are here for one reason. We ask for your support and to stick with us as we grow.

Thank you


Contact us

Feel free to contact FLiDAY with any concerns and questions at RuwaFLiday@gmail.com

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Twitter – @projectFLiDAY

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If you are a Company,Artist,Entertainer, or organizer that is interested in any type of online Promo in collaboration with ProjectFLiDAY,FLiDAY or any other of our branches Feel free to send the regards in email to ruwafliday@gmail.com

Submit Your Music 

It’s Crazy how everyone and their uncle,sister, and even dad are trying to become rappers nowadays. Its even more crazy how much good music is being made every day by new and unheard artist. Just about every one of our staff members is a fan of music(Minus the 1 Loser) and we like to hear new music. Who Doesn’t?

As a company on the grind we know the struggle of coming from the ground up, it’s one of our goals to help Artist with getting heard and creating some type of online buzz and WE DON’T CHARGE YOU. We aren’t after your money it’s simply out of the fact that FLiDAY ( Freshly Living in Dreams all year) Is part of a Dream chasing army and strongly believes in helping others with dreams.

Please feel free to send us an email @ ruwafliday@gmail.com,

The title of the email should read ‘Music Submit’

In the email being professional is a plus, If you could please tell us a little bit about yourself as an Artist and your Genre, along with your Youtube, MyspaceMusic, or  SoundCloud sharing links, etc.

The more as an Artist your able to send us the better. If we like your sound then your Featured! That’s correct, an online Article for your Song or Music posted in the featured section of the homepage on projectFLiDAY.com

Becoming Featured has several benefits, the first being the possibility of your music being heard by new ears, from the usual and any new readers @ projectFLiDAY.com who happen to check you out in the featured section. Another benefit of becoming featured is spawning your online buzz, when people search for you online after hearing about you it helps to see different features and post of you and your songs from social sites. As an Artist you have goals rite? I would surely hope so!

Don’t Wait Submit your Music Today.